Breathitt and Wolf co beware!

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Heads up people, there is a leach running around
! You can't miss her, she's driving a black loud thing! She will have black mascara running down her face and most likely crying! Beware! Don't believe a word that comes out of her nasty mouth. She tells lies' about everyone. The article that was in the paper, that was her! She went in and told them so much BS. I'm sure she put on a good show, with her crocodile tears! I would bet she was high then. Lexi in the back loud thing is the lowest of low, snitch., ... , everyone needs to know this! This Lexi is short with really dark hair and a flipper in her mouth because she has know front teeth!

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Her last name.. . please?

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Shouldn't be to hard to figure out! She was going around saying they were still looking into her boy friends heroin overdose. Like she loved the attention! Because she craves attention. Most narcissistic people do!

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